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Hello and welcome to k9 harmony. Pauline is a pet dog trainer, behaviour consultant, covering  all areas of Scotland.

I hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy your visit.

choc Your dog is priceless to you. and a very important part of your family, and that’s why you are visiting this Web site. Do you need a dog trainer or if your dog has behaviour or training problems, you can learn to live in harmony with your trusted friend. Whether she is a puppy, adult or rescue dog, you can build a relationship and deepen the bond with her. Kindness and cooperation is how your dog learns best. Dogs are extremely sensitive, clever animals. From the day they are born, they instinctively know that they are pack animals. They are taught how to behave by their mother and litter mates. That tuition needs to continue; they need guidance and reassurance from you. Pauline  using a natural, holistic approach to dog training and behaviour. Pauline will teach you how to help your dog become stress-free and relaxed around people, children and other dogs. She will show you how to help her accept loud noises like fireworks and trains. Discover why your dog destroys furniture and help her overcome the need to do this. You will even learn how to help her control compulsive behaviours like tail chasing, licking, spinning, shadow chasing and others. After your home visit, backup consultation is provided. Puppy training, dog training, dog behaviour problems like jumping up, pulling on lead, aggression, barking, separation, covering fife, Angus, Edinburgh, scotland. Please note Pauline @ K9 Harmony disassociates this web site and myself with any of the Google advertisements below that have anything to do with unkind training methods, the use of shock, and anti-bark collars. Dogs need to be treated with kindness, and understanding.

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