About Pauline

I was born in Dundee, to a typical working class family. I had two older brothers and very loving parents.  My desire and passion too work with dog’s dates back as far as I can remember.

Our first dog Jason a rescue mix breed, then my parents purchased a champion rough collie, called Toby, on breeder terms. This is where my dream started to become reality.
Shadowing the breeder around in obedience and breeding, helping with the pups, learning what I could, when I could.        

After the loss of our beloved Toby, I vowed I would never have another dog. But within a year Khan Border collie came into our lives, and we trained in obedience and agility. Then came my 2 golden retrievers, but they only one of the liked obedience.

Around the early 90’s I started looking after neighbours cats whilst they were away on holiday. Before I knew what was happening, I was looking after around 20 cats in one holiday period. Until one day, chatting to a good friend Tina, she asked “why have you never looked after dogs as well”.

I gave this a lot of thought and started pet sitting in client’s homes, on the condition that I could carry on with my job during the day. I did that until I replaced my income and then I went full time.

Over the years, I learned so much about different breeds my clients have taught me so much, how they have helped their dogs through situations of stress and illness that I will be forever grateful to them. Whilst customers were away on holiday, I would continue with their dogs training, so that they didn’t miss out on any classes.

Whilst doing this I felt that there was still something missing in my life. As I became closer to myintoDogs customers they would tell me about behaviour problems that they were having, whilst they were away I would re-search and try to rectify the situation before they came home. I started recommending books and giving advice, but it always concerned me that I was not qualified to do so.

I enrolled in several canine behaviour courses and I am now qualified in canine behaviour, canine psychology, puppy training, dog training, and attended weekend work shops in TTouch with Sarah fisher. I will never stop learning about dogs.

I have meet and worked with many wonderful dog owner and equally lovely dogs.
To help people live a fulfilling life with their dogs is a dream come true.

This is truly my vocation in life. And I would like to thank my husband Darryl for his continued support.

I hope that I can help you live a stress free life with your dogs..

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Member of PAACT
Professional Association of Applied Canine Trainers
membership number 178

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