Do you have a problem dog?                                                                                          

Has dog training become a challenge?
Is your dog a star in class but a nightmare outside?
Do you find yourself making excuses for his behaviour?
Have your friends/family stopped visiting because of “that dog”?
Does “walking the dog” consist of taking him out only when there’s no chance of him meeting anyone else?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Barking.
  • pulling on the lead.
  • jumping up
  • aggression
  • nervousness
  • fussy eating habits
  • destroying your home
  • refuses to return when called
  • displays other undesirable traits

Pauline can teach you to live in harmony with your trusted friend, your dog. Using a natural, holistic approach you can quickly have a dog that

  • walks nicely on a lead
  • is not aggressive towards others
  • plays with other dogs without becoming possessive
  • does not mouth or bite you
  • does not bark obsessively or jump on you or others
  • is happy when left alone and does not destroy anything
  • does not get nervous or afraid
  • does not use your home as a toilet
  • is not a fussy eater

However anxious or frustrated you feel about your dog’s behaviour, Pauline can help you turn the whole situation around. In a very short time you can be living with a totally relaxed, stress-free dog.

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