Canine First Aid Course

K9 Harmony’s Scottish Canine First Aiders

What would you do if there was an emergency situation with your dog?

Would you know how to deal with cut, broken bone, burns, shock, car accident, chocking, heatstroke, puncture to the dogs body’s, bits, drowning, etc.

Learn the skills needed to deal with your beloved pet, or someone else dog.

You may save a dog’s life using first aid.

Become a Canine first responder.

This first aid course is open to the dog loving and is also available to people working within the canine field such as Pet sitters, dog walkers, show dog owners, working dogs, trainers, dog handlers, behaviour consultants, kennel managers and assistants, collage students. Groomers, Breeders, Canine Clubs, Boarding, Rescue Facilities.

The course follows the same protocols vets would use if they were first on the scene of your canine emergency so you will be safe in the knowledge that you have done exactly what the vet would have done if he were on the scene first. We use the latest in audio visual technology to enhance the learning experience. You will get hands on practise with the latest canine CPR manikin and have fun at the same time. The course is delivered in a fun, relaxed, friendly environment conducive to learning.

You will learn how too:

Effective use of barriers

Safe scene assessment

Primary Assessment

Canine CPR and rescue breathing

Spinal Injury Management

Control of serious bleeding

Shock Management

Splinting for broken limbs

Choking Management

And more

This is a one day course and we will give you the tools needed to be prepared should that medical emergency happen with your beloved pet. Once you have completed The Canine First Responder Course you will be issued with an internationally recognised certificate valid for two years. (All good first aid courses should be refreshed every two years to keep up with protocol changes and keep your skills up to date). Emergency First Response is a globally recognised brand name and the fastest growing training agency in the market place for first aid training. Giving clients the added satisfaction of knowing that the program has been approved for its educational validity, and content by professional educators in the field.

Emergency First Response granted approval and recognition of the course as of the 1st October 2008. The course is standardised so which ever instructor you chose you will receive exactly the same training anywhere in the world.

Courses can also be held in the venue of your choice providing there is 4 attendees.

For further information and booking call

Pauline 01333 329511


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