Canine swimming pool

Doggie paddles

Hydrotherapy & Fun Pool for Dogs

Dogs love water and swimming is not only fun and great exercise. Doggie paddles Fitness and Fun swimming pool allows dogs to come and swim play and exercise in our brand new indoor facility. The swimming pool is in-ground and heated with the aids of buoyancy jackets and dyers after you dog have finished playing.

Swimming is beneficial for:

CDRM, Pre- and post-operative conditioning, Osteoarthritis, OCD – Osteochondritis Dissecan/Osteoarthritis of the shoulder, Hip Dysplasia, Spinal injuries, Recovery from multiple injuries including fractures and neurological damage, Cruciate ligament injuries and post-operative recovery, Luxating sub-luxating patellas, Relaxation of muscle spasms, Obesity (weight loss in conjunction with diet), Paralysis, Stroke, Mental wellbeing.

Swimming also helps to:

• Increase range of motion of affected limbs out of the water.
•Increase cardiovascular output (heart and lungs).
•Improve condition and mass of muscle.
•Strengthen, maintain and restore muscle.
•Improve circulation and skin condition.
•Speed healing.
•Reduce inflammation, prior pain and stiffness.
•Promote relaxation and rest.
•Improve physical fitness.

The swimming pool is located upper Largo fife. Please contact:

Hydrotherapist Darryl
01333 329511


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