Dog Towels

For Sale

Doggie Paddles wonder towels

Drying your dog a problem?

Muddy Paws, and dirty floors?

Fed up washing smelly dirty towels?

worry no more

the wonder towel is here

These towles are fantastic

use them for:

Washing and drying muddy dogs

wet dogs

Whelping bed


Place on floor at the back, front doors

keep one in car for after walks

What cusyomers have to say about the towel:

  • The towels we got from you are absolutely brilliant Pauline, one towel to dry two wet Springers - never would have believed it! We really love them, thanks a lot.
  • Sarah-jane “these are just fantastic!!!!”


£4.00 each +£1.75

Buy 3 for only £13.00 Inc. p&p

If you are local to east fife we can arrange pick-up

call 01333 329511


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