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Finding the right Dog Trainer.

This article is intended for dog owners who are looking for help with their dogs, puppy, rescue dog, with their training or behaviour problems. It is my reasonability as a dog trainer to provide the very best training methods using kindness, and positive reinforcement methods. Where a dog will want too do things for me, and the owner of their own free will. Every dog and owner deserves the best service. I hope this article can help in a small way.

Two Key factors to take into consideration.

Many dog owners have years of experience and are successful in training their dogs without outside help, But there is always a chance that the new addition to the family pack just doesn’t seem to understand where your coming from, and look at you like der!

There are also those who are new to dog ownership and don’t know how to deal with a dog that is jumping-up on people or dogs, barking, not coming back when called. This is where a dog trainer will benefit you significantly.  A professional dog trainer can help train your dog while also providing you with invaluable guidance and support.

For instance a very problematic dog who seem aggressive, hypoactive, disrespectful, and unruly, often create training problems that exceed the ability of even well-informed dog owner and finding a good dog trainer becomes essential.

Dog trainers do not require specific licensing.  Any person with a desire to do so can simply proclaim himself or herself as a dog trainer, do a 2 or 4 day course, and then put an ad in the paper, and begin seeking customers.

When choosing a dog trainer

How are you supposed to decide who you should trust with your beloved dog’s best interests at heart? Providing you with the right kind of training programs for your dog/s?  Choosing a dog trainer can be a very difficult task but separating the amateurish and non-professional from the truly capable is essential to your dog’s well being.  Making a mistake in hiring a dog trainer will not only fail to help your dog, it could make matters worse with his/her behaviour and make it harder to correct later. Let’s not forget the cost.

There is no magic formula for choosing the right trainer.  There are any numbers of factors you may want to consider in finding someone with whom you can successfully work and someone that is truly reliable.  However, there are at least two considerations that should guide you to a selecting a dog trainer:

Experience and reputation.


You need to look for a dog trainer, or behaviour consultant with significant experience.  Experienced dog trainers are more able to successfully deal with all behaviour types based on their knowledge with other dogs.

In addition, experience really communicates at least a reasonable probability of ability.  Someone is not likely to have stayed in business as a dog trainer for any significant period of time if they lacked ability and failed to produce desired results.  Experience, in essence, and is also proof of at least some ability.


Experience is a sign of ability, but it is not a fail-safe way of assessing a trainer’s ability.  It is possible for a deceitful trainer to stay in business a long time, regardless of the quality of their work.  As such, it is appropriate to find out about the reputation of the dog trainers you are considering.  Ask for opinions and references from a variety of sources in order to find the right trainer for you. Ask around, friends, family, work colleges you can find out which trainers are most highly regarded.

Ask the trainer himself or herself, too.  See if they will provide some references you may contact, preferably past clients.  Any trainer who is unwilling to do this should be viewed with some degree of suspicion.  Most qualified and talented trainers will be happy to give you references to contact.  Be sure to follow through.  Talk to the references and find out all you can about the trainer and the quality of training the former customers and their dogs experienced.

There are a variety of factors that one may want to consider when seeking out a trainer for your dog.  The importance of a dog trainer is to a dog’s life is significant and great care should be taken during the selection process.  Two things that must be kept in mind when seeking a trainer are the trainer’s experience and reputation.

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