Success Stories

I would like to thank all my customers for their kind words. But the fact is they put the hard work into their dogs to get them where they are now. I can not take credit for that. I only gave them the information and support along the way. They did it.

So congratulations to you all. You brought the sunshine back into your lives. And as a result you and Your canines are living a stress free life.

Pauline is currently helping me with my rescue dog. Pauline you really are a miracle worker. The information and support that you are showing towards my family is faultless, I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thanks Pauline, I hope your site takes off sooner rather than later so that others can contact you for advice about their pet(s) and get their own miracle, just like I did..

Timo And Zena

Bloo Well I was a bit unsure at first and Bloo always had a will of his own,,,, a good boy but always wanted to do what he wanted. After pauline’s visit, I started to put things into place and it seems that my ranking in the pack really has started to change. He is showing signs of being a PUP again and has been looking to me for safety when he feels unsure.

Things really are on the way and we thank Pauline for her continued support and for just being their for me and Bloo. xx

Bear were scared we’d spoil Bear after a bad experience with another rescue dog.

We wanted to give this wee fellow a really, really good life to make up for what had happened before, but we didn’t want to overdo it. Pauline was instrumental in getting us through the really hard times, and she’s been an absolute star with Bear. She’s helped us understand that as much as we love him, Bear doesn’t think like a human, and the best thing we can do for him is to set limits and help him know his place in our “pack”. She’s been absolutely brilliant at this, and just a phone call away if we ever have any questions. Thanks so much, Pauline!


Hello my name is Bono. When we met Pauline, I was afraid of noises like fireworks and shotgun fire. I would run off if I heard any noises outside. Now I can go for walks and if I feel a little scared my owners give me the reassurance that I need. This what my mum had to say about the training: “Bono is doing great, there hasn’t been many noises, but he is very confident when he is out the now, sometimes too confident!”

Dot and Pebble

Hi Pauline; Thought you might like to see a couple of photos I took of the girls today – lying on the same  bed, touching each other!!! Dot was lying outside enjoying the sun & Pebble was inside the back door lying in the sun. Pebble got up, went outside & with no hesitation (none of the usual posturing over Dot to try & get her to move off her bed) lay down beside Dot & very quickly fell asleep. They were both very relaxed about it all (look how relaxed Pebble’s back leg is – unless she is completely at ease she will lie down & sleep in a ’sphinx’ position). They remained like this for about 30 mins…then it started raining & they came in. I’m just delighted to see them being so ‘at ease’ around each other.

Bracken and puppy Jura

Bracken is now 45 kgs and very capable of pulling me off my feet, but on the whole, he is a really good boy, he has just got his Silver good citizen award and we are working for gold. Before I had you come to see us, I would never have thought we would achive much with him as he was so stroppy. Jura on the other hand has been brought into our home with the boundaries already in place and she is such a delight, knows her place in my pack and never pushes those boundaries and for that reason, I am so glad I met you and that you gave me the strategies to cope with my dogs. Some people have said that with Bracken I have expereinced every rottie available and that it would make my next one seem an angel, and never a truer word was spoken.

I have a happy pack, yes, we have our moments, but when I reflect, I find that the issue lies with the human not the dog. I am so glad that I had to pleasure of your teachings and the fact that you are always there for me gives me a greater sense of encouragement. My goal is to add to my pack, but that will be when I have the time to dedicate to them all.Pauline, in order for me to say everything I want to about you and your methods would take me pages, I cannot thank you enough!
Take care bye for now Lynne, Bracken and Jura xxx

Breeds of dogs that I have worked with.

Airedale Terrier, Akita, Alaskan Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Beagle, Bearded Collie, Bedlington Terrier, Pyrenean Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bichon Frisé, Border Collie, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Bearded Collie, Curly Coated Retriever, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Deerhound, Doberman, English Cocker Spaniel, English Pointer, English Setter, English Shepherd, English Springer Spaniel, Field Spaniel, Flat-Coated Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, German Pinscher, German Shepherd Dog, German Shorthaired Pointer, Gordon Setter, Greyhound, Hungarian Vizsla, Irish Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Wolfhound, Jack Russell Terrier, Kelpie, King Charles Spaniel, Labradoodle, Labrador Retriever, Leonberger, Lhasa Apso, Lurcher, Bull Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Mixed-breeds, Mountain Burmese, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Pit Bull, Parson jack Russell, Australian Jack Russell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Russell Terrier, Pinscher Affenpinscher, Austrian Short-Haired Pinscher, Dobermann, German Pinscher, Harlequin Pinscher, Miniature Pinscher, Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher, Poodle, Poodle, Rottweiler, Irish Red Setter, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rough Collie, Saluki, Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), Siberian Husky, Smooth Collie, Springer Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Standard Schnauzer, Toy Poodle, Turkish Kangal, West Highland White Terrier, Whippet, White Shepherd Dog, Wire Fox Terrier.

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