09 Feb

Why Learning Canine first Aid is important

This is why all dog owners need to learn Canine first Aid.

One of my students experienced this the day after she had taken the Canine First Responder course:

Hi Pauline,

Many thanks for the course on Saturday – very enjoyable and useful.
You’ll not believe it – had to put my training into practice on Sunday afternoon.
Jess decided to jump the sea wall at South Queensferry – 2 foot on our side – around 15ft on the other side.
It is beach below but Jess managed to land on the rocks!
Damaged paw and possible neck injuries.  Managed to keep her calm, while I examined her – dispatched hubbie off to get the car and daughter to phone vet.  Emergency vet gave sedative and pain killers – and we took her home, hubbie slept downstairs on air bed beside her all night as she cried all night.  She was admitted this morning for full tests and x-rays – should hear later this afternoon – not expecting it to be too bad as I say bad strain or possible fracture but not broken bones!
There you go!  Who would have believed it??
Thanks again for a great day.

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